CLUB NEWS-Vale give strips to Malawi

A photo of Brian Ellis handing over strips to Denis Robson before yesterdays match, plus a photo of the last strips sent in 2018 to Malawi.

Some words of thanks from Denis.

Innerleithen has been linked with Thondwe in Malawi since 2008 with many organisations involved in a twinning partnership that was started by the ITW Parish Church of Scotland on Leithen Road. St Ronan’s primary school, the Health Centre, the Rotary club, High Street businesses and many individuals have developed the partnership that is mutually benificial. Now we can add Vale of Leithen FC to the partnership!

Exchange visits have been arranged and the 2018 visit by a group of 8 from Innerleithen handed over the strips that were used in a match arranged with another local club. Here’s a photo of the team that lined up for that game, which they won 3-1.

The latest football kit will be taken to Malawi in early September and handed over to Thondwe CCAP Youth Football Club.