Home Comforts

Ahead of Saturday’s game against Spartans, Manager Chris Anderson issues a rallying cry to his players to start taking advantage of home turf.

“A lot of teams don’t like playing at Victoria Park, it’s a bit cold and windy and we play on this funny surface we call grass.  In order for us to stay up we have to win our home games against Gretna, Edinburgh Uni and Dalbeattie. We know that Spartans will be a tough game and anything we get will be a bonus as they have a superior team to us. It will be a bit of a shot to nothing for us.

This is by far and away the nicest group of players I have been involved with , young and willing to learn but nice doesn’t win football matches. If we are to stay up we will need to be ruthless and show guts when the chips are down.

Hopefully there will be a good support on sat as I know the locals are desperate for us to do well. They know how hard the players are working for the club and the players have the ability to start winning games.

Keep the faith.