Vale of Leithen v Selkirk FC 7th Oct 2017

This Saturday we have a very important match as the team struggles second bottom of the Lowland League.

This season has just been one injury after another and with a player sent off in each of the last two games it has been very restrictive in establishing a settled team. We don’t appear to be getting any breaks at all and last night’s performance was just typical of our luck, playing well until one of our centre backs was send off in a very harsh decision with the score at 0-0.

Vale operate on a very low budget compared to other teams in the league, and in some cases these other teams have investors who are injecting cash into the clubs with the intention of getting their teams into the senior leagues. Unfortunately Vale will never be in that situation unless a fairy godmother decides to make Innerleithen their base. We accept that we are really punching above our weight and that staying in the Lowland League is our priority, with hopefully a run in a few of the cups. This being the case it maintains a good level of football for spectators is on show in the town every second week.

A look at the league table statistics really tells the story, we have not scored enough goals and lost too many, which is what you would expect from a team that changes every week due to off field related problems e.g. long term injuries etc.

This week is the National Non League Day which is encouraging spectators who normally go to senior games to attend minor games, and we will take part in this with some special deals for adults bringing kids along. If kids are there at 1.30pm our Manager will show them around the dressing rooms and let them meet some players.

From the club’s perspective, outwith the match results, everything this year has been on the up, bigger crowds, more sponsorship and more help with running the club.

It would be great to see your support continue and hopefully when we get the team settled we can start to turn the corner, we must be overdue a break one way or another. There is still a good few games left to correct the situation, especially homes games where the support can really encourage the team.

So thanks again for the support and “KEEP FAITH”