Manager Interview: Embrace the Challenge

Manager Chris Anderson gives his thoughts ahead of the Scottish Cup First Round weekend: “The Scottish Cup is the lifeblood of the club in terms of finances but given the start we’ve made to the season I know the importance of it in terms of my own position. It’s not something I will shy away from in fact it’s the reason I became a manager. If you want to avoid pressure or blame then sit on the sidelines and watch don’t put yourself in the firing line. 

The players are here for a reason and I signed them so it’s about giving them the confidence to believe in themselves. Young players need time to make mistakes, need freedom to learn, and when it’s clicks we will have a base of a good team. I still believe I am the man to deliver that success. 

The club haven’t got past the first round since 2013 and face Fort William on Saturday in what will be a tough fixture given Fort William have nine players on loan from ICT.  It’s a challenge at the Vale to do something the club hasn’t done in six years, but I believe we have the players to succeed. We won’t shy away from the challenge, we will embrace it.”