Ger Rossi: Captain Ready for Next Season

After a difficult and challenging few weeks we are delighted to announce that club captain Ger Rossi has boosted spirits by agreeing to extend his stay at Victoria Park for next season.

We caught up with the Captain, who had a little bit of time on his hands. Ger talks us through the season so far and what impact Covid-19 has had on not just himself but the wider footballing community.

“Firstly I’d just like to thank the club. It’s no small secret that a team of the Vales stature are constantly in a fight for survival both on and off the park. The Chairman and his committee however have stood by the players throughout this season when on the playing front we’ve probably not given them enough back in return.

So, when Ando approached me a few days ago to get my thoughts on next season, there was never any doubt in my mind, I was delighted to sign.

I believe that in moments like we are in just now it puts a lot of things into perspective. I’ve often bored the younger boys to tears preaching to them that they have to try and play at the highest possible level they can for as long as they can. I think as you get a little older it’s a lot easier to see that clearly and during this lockdown it certainly hits home just how much we all take the game for granted at times. The Manager is constantly trying to move mountains along with John Brogan for this club. I believe everyone at Victoria Park is doing their best to make this club as competitive as possible both on and off the field. Although things are a little in the air at the moment, I wanted to be a part of that.”

Rounding up his time so far at the Vale Ger said this:

“Vale’s record of survival in this Lowland league has been incredible and I don’t think Ando gets enough credit for what he’s managed to achieve. When you look at some of the names that have dropped down to play in this league you start to understand the task in hand and the financial strength you are up against. It’s no doubt great for the Scottish game and It certainly boosts the profile of the league but for the smaller sides it’s near impossible to compete with. Again, I think for the footballing enthusiasts it’s something locally that we tend to forget, just what it is we have on our doorstep.”

Ger finally left us with his thoughts on the Corona Virus epidemic that has put a stop not only to our football season but to our normal way of life.

“It’s been tough for everyone and I don’t say that lightly. The shutdown as frustrating as it has been was of course the right decision. As much as football for the majority of us is indeed life, protecting and saving lives literally is all that matters just now. Personally, it’s been a really tough period. I’ve witnessed first-hand the unbelievable work our NHS carry out on a daily basis. The sacrifices that all on our front line are making is incredible. So, in return if all we are being asked to do is that of social distancing and staying in the house, we have to make sure we respond and carry out their message. The sooner we all do this the quicker things will get back to normal.

Where does the season go from here? I think null and void across the board. Bring teams up that were in promotion hunts and don’t punish those who are at the bottom with everything still to play for. Have a season where it works itself out. More to play for and in turn it will certainly bring plenty of excitement.”