About the growing popularity of football-themed online slots and the top 3 you must checkout today!

It’s no news that football is by far the most popular and widely played sport in all parts of the world. The game has received competition from some really good sports disciplines like tennis, golf, cricket etc. in the past, but none has come closer to the kind of popularity that football enjoys everywhere. Furthermore, regardless of the kind of audience it has achieved, the appeal of the beautiful game hasn’t been the same in other aspects of the popular culture.

To give you an example, try to recall the last big-time football-based Hollywood film you saw in a theatre? Perhaps, the only one that might come to your mind would be the 1981 movie titled ‘Escape to Victory’. And let’s be honest, that wasn’t the best football-themed film by any standards. Let’s talk about the books now, does any come to your mind other than Steve Bruce’s take on the game?

Irrespective of the challenges faced by football in the above-mentioned mediums, one particular area where it has achieved immense success is iGaming and video games. Nowadays, popular video games like PES and FIFA have taken football to countries that didn’t even know about its existence earlier! On the other hand, you will find a great multitude of football-themed online slots which have successfully brought the beautiful game to big money online casino platforms.

For instance, go through these new-age online bookmakers, many of which also have their own successful online casino platforms featuring some amazing football-themed online slots.  Their main focus, however, is as a directory of bookmakers that give pundits a single place to consider the odds from various bookies, see which ones are the most respected and then place bets with them. Sports betting is a large and sometimes confusing field and it helps to get some tips to help you navigate it.

Let’s talk about a few such popular slot games below.

Football Champions Cup – NetEnt

Produced and supplied by NetEnt, a well-known name in the online slot development world, Football Champions Cup offers top-notch graphics and a super smooth gaming experience. It features 20 pay lines and 5 reels, allowing you to even pick your favourite football team before putting the reels into motion. Other than all the regular online slot features, you will find standard wilds, overlay wilds, free spins and a bonus game to enhance your winning chances.

Football Star – Microgaming

Another well-known name in the online casino world, Microgaming are counted amongst the leading developers of online casino games and Football Star is how they paid their tribute to this widely popular sport. The game features 5 reels and 243 pay lines, and regardless of the fact that it was launched in the year 2014, it continues to be very popular amongst the football and gambling enthusiasts even today. The game received plenty of attention during the FIFA 2018 and 2014 World Cups, won by France and Germany respectively.

Soccer Safari – Microgaming

Soccer Safari is for one more football-themed online slot game from the Microgaming portfolio which has tremendous visual appeal and smooth gameplay. It offers 30 pay lines and 5 reels, with the reel symbols represented by animal and football related images. Although you might be a little amused by some of its symbols initially, the game’s overall feel appeals to a large majority of gambling and football lovers all over the globe.