Football Betting Tips


Advantages of Live Football Betting

The basic concept behind live football betting is pretty simple. If you look closely, you’d see that it’s quite like betting the conventional way. You make a selection, place your wager and are then paid out based on the applicable odds (if you win). The only major difference is that while in conventional betting you place wagers prior to the kick-off, in live football betting you place them while the action is still happening on the field. As a result, the latter offers a great multitude of additional betting opportunities. A large majority of online bookmakers provide live soccer betting markets as well as live football scores to the interested punters for a wide range of professional games (even in some of the most obscure competitions and leagues). Let’s now take you over some distinct advantages of betting on live football matches.

         Additional 0pportunities

The most obvious advantage of betting on live football matches is the additional opportunities you get. It’s also a good thing as you get the chance to benefit much more. In simple terms, the more is the number of betting opportunities, the easier it will be for you to identify the good ones. However, you shouldn’t take it as an excuse to run wild and place hundreds of unwanted wagers. You’d still need to be selective in your bet placements. For instance, in the upcoming Arsenal vs Man City encounter on August 12, you might be tempted to bet heavily on Mesut Ozil and Alexandre Lacazette, both before kick-off as well as in-play, considering how they performed against PSG recently and routed the French side 5-1; however, you’d need to factor in many other aspects and the actual game situation that day before placing any punts.

  More Betting Options

Apart from creating additional betting opportunities, live football betting also offers many more betting options. You’d see several wagers in live betting that are just not possible in case of regular betting, for instance, time of next goal, next player to score, next team to score etc.

Additional Info to Work With

When it comes to football betting, additional info is always a welcome thing. The availability of such additional information usually translates into better and well-informed judgements. You get first-hand information about how a certain player or some players are performing on the field, both individually, as well as a team. You get good insight into the approach they are taking towards the game and the kind of playing style they are implementing. All such information can be extremely useful in making wise betting decisions. What more, such info is also readily accessible on all kinds of media these days including news websites, television, radio and more. For instance, visit any authority news portal right now and you’re guaranteed to see a dedicated section on all the latest happenings in football.

Better Chance of Locating Value

The next most important advantage of placing live bets on football is actually a combination of the three benefits detailed above. Each one of these advantages contribute to the fact that in-play football betting creates a far better opportunity to locate value compared to conventional football betting. When combined with some strategic football betting tips, live betting can reap huge dividends for any interested punter. Considering the fact that locating value bets is the primary goal of all football bettors, this can be termed as the biggest advantage of all. However, you shouldn’t confuse live football betting for something that’s only meant for serious and seasoned punters. Such bets can also be indulged in by recreational bettors. Considering how exciting these bets can get is reason good enough to give them a go!


              3 popular football bet types you should    know about

  Football can be easily termed as the most popular sport in the entire world and when we talk about football betting, there are several different bet types available in the sport, covering high demand for football betting in both online and off-line marketplaces. However, before you enter into football betting, it’s very important that you gain good understanding of the popular bet types available in it, and how you can use them to your advantage


  The bookmakers normally set a specific number of goals that will be scored in a soccer match. The punters   can thereafter bet on whether the actual number of goals scored (by both clubs combined) will go under or   over the predefined total. As football is a low scoring game most of the times, the total normally set by   majority of bookmakers is also low. 2.5 is the mark most commonly observed for over/under bets in football. For instance, the match between Manchester United and Leicester City (on Friday, August 10) which will kick off the 2018/19 EPL season is expected to be a close affair. The odds might be adjusted depending upon which one of the under or over is most likely to happen.

Sometimes this mark might even be set at a lower level of 2.0 in games that are expected to be extremely tight affairs. In other cases, this mark can be set at around 3.5 for matches expected to be high-scoring. For instance, Man City going up against Arsenal on Sunday, August 12 is expected to be a high-scoring affair and the mark would most likely be set on a higher side for that game. One of the best ways to profit from such bet types is by availing free bets offered by some top-rated online bookmakers. You can use these bets to test the waters before investing any big money on a specific match. Another good way to find excellent value in over/under bets is by studying the pace of the game and locating matches wherein the two teams play a similar type of football (defensive or offensive).

Money Line

Money lines on football matches normally offer odds on three distinct outcomes – one each for either team to win and one for the match to end in a draw. When you are placing money line bets on football matches, it’s very important acquaint yourself with the rules laid out by the bookmaker. You must also get familiarised with some useful football betting tips to increase your winning chances. In general, a money line bet normally encompasses 90 minutes of the game plus the injury time. There is no inclusion of the penalties and overtime in such bets. However, some online bookmakers might offer you money line bets with overtime included as well, hence, you should know about all these options before placing any bets.

Point Spread

This bet type offers an alternative to the regular three-way betting available in money line bets. Majority of the football matches feature point spread bets these days with the favourites set at around -0.5 and the underdogs going at +0.5. Such bets provide an opportunity to the underdog bettors to eliminate the possibility of draw from betting odds. Although underdog punters pay slightly more in terms of juice, they score handsomely in the event that their side scores a draw or a win in the match. In the games where there is a clear favourite, for instance in Liverpool vs West Ham EPL game on August 12, you might see the spread normally set at -1.0/+1.0. In this case, punters backing the favourites normally get better odds compared to the money line bets as their team needs to win by at least two goals for them to win the bet. Underdog punters in this case have far more security compared to bets placed on outright upsets.


Points starting-out football punters should always remember

If you’re someone who’s just starting out with sports betting, or have been betting for some time but wish to broaden your horizons by starting with football betting now, it’s important that you learn and master some of the basics of betting first.

Regardless of whether you wish to place bets with an off-line bookmaker or a popular online sportsbook such as Paddy Power, you must never do so without being sure about what to bet on and how to go about the entire process. Let’s take you through some important points that all starting-out football punters must keep in mind.

Head-to-head stats
You must always go through the statistics of the past encounters between the two concerned football clubs. Studying the home and away records (of the two teams when playing each other) is extremely important for any football punter. Just like equity markets, football’s history also has a funny way of repeating itself time and again!

Go with the popular and safe bet types
Total goals (also referred to as under/over), Asian handicap and fixed odds (1/2) bets are the safest bet types in football. You must study these three bet types first, and go through their pros and cons, before moving on to the other betting options.

Home and away records
You can refer to a good number of online resources to study the home and away records of the two concerned teams. While some football teams are specialists on their home surface, the others fare very pretty well in their away games.

Team updates
Always keep a close check on the news related to suspensions and injuries of the two concerned teams. You should know which all players are missing from action, and how critical they are for their respective sides. In case someone has an injury, you should know if the injury is long-term, or something that has cropped up after the last game. How good is the quality of the replacement players overall?

Staying focused
Every football bettor uses his/her own specific strategy, approach and experience when punting on football matches. Selection of the right league and team is the first thing that must be looked into, before moving on to any other criteria, as there could be hundreds of different football matches being played on any given day. It’s important to stay focused on tournaments that suit your betting strategy. For instance, some football punters specialise in Champions League and Premier League betting, while others are more into La Liga or some other league. Once you start researching the different options and placing your bets, you gain more knowledge about the players and teams involved in those specific leagues, and it would overall impact your betting strategy.

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Team schedule is another aspect that you cannot neglect. You should know how many games the concerned teams have played recently. Could their players be fatigued? When is their next game due and how important is that game in the overall scheme of things (with respect to the tournament)?